Why is Liège called "THE FIERY CITY"?

Written by Marlène Gosset on 5 November 2019

"THE FIERY CITY" is the title of a book by Henry Carton de Wiart, reprinted © Jourdan Editeur 2005.
"Cité ardente" is the name given to Liège by Henry Carton de Wiart to depict "the city itself, with its impulses and repulsions, its training, (…)


For a pink and festive Spanish table, go to...

Written by on 5 November 2019

For a pink and festive Spanish table, go to "Chez Marie" ( and trust the members of BNBLiege! On the menu : melon/ham, olives, cherry tomatoes, doritos, dried fruit, grape/cheese babybrochettes,... The aperitif is (…)

More… acts for the climate!

Written by Marie on 10 July 2019 is participating in the "Engage, I act for the climate" campaign!
On 19 June, the City of Liege organised a festive evening at the Curtius Museum to celebrate the 10th anniversary in Liege of the European campaign "Engage, I act (…)


Birth of a blog

Written by Marlène Gosset on 18 June 2019

Welcome to the new blog of the Bed and Breakfast of Liège!
That’s it, the owners of "" are launching their blog! Our webmaster, has just put the page online. Xavier, our photographer;), has just immortalized this great moment of the (…)